Fable Announced for Xbox Series X and PC

Fable Title Card

After what seems like an eternity and months of rumors, Xbox has finally announced a new Fable game! Microsoft has called it “new beginning” for the franchise that was developed by Playground Games.


Fable has always been one of my favorite franchises, having beat all the games multiple times over the years. The franchise has not made many additions since the 2010 release of Fable 3 with the exception of a few spin-off games.

Rumors around the development of this new game started back in 2018. Back then reports began appearing that Playground Games was working on a new Fable. Later that same year, Microsoft acquired Playground, investing in the studio as a first-party developer.

I am incredibly glad to see that Microsoft has fully embraced releasing their games on PC as well as Xbox. I look forward to playing this newest addition on my PC!

Before the release of this new Fable game if you’d like to play Fable, check out Fable Anniversary which is a fully remastered version of the original game as well as the lost chapters.

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