Bungie during GCX 2020


Bungie took part in the GCX fundraiser Marathon to raiser money for The St. Jude Hospital. Bungie set some goals for the Destiny community to get them some more information on the Fall expansion Beyond Light as well as some emblems and a raffle for the collector’s edition for Beyond Light.

The goals were as followed:

100,000– Release the This Week At Bungie (TWAB) early
200,000– Reveal some concept art for Beyond Light
300,000– Reveal a new Legendary Weapon coming to us in Beyond Light
400,000– Reveal a new Exotic Weapon coming to us in Beyond Light
500,000– Secret Goal

The Destiny community really wanted to know what that secret goal was because they smashed the 500K goal within an hour and a half. The 100K goal allowed everyone to get the TWAB early this week and see what changes are coming down the pipe. Hot Fix was put in place which covers some fixes to Finishers, Mods, and the Titan Exotic Greaves the Antaeus Wards. As well as some activity fixes like trails and lastly error various codes. Finally, they are addressing the bloody BEAVERS!!!!!!!

The 200K goal was some concept are for Beyond Light that featured Mara Sov.

For the 300K goal they revealed a new legendary weapon that looks pretty awesome if you ask me. Still not sure what it is yet, but fan theories are that it could potentially be either a new slug shotgun or a legendary trace rifle, which would be a first for Destiny 2.

For the 400K goal they showed a single picture they got everyone either cheering with joy or getting weak in the knees.

The Exotic Hand Cannon from Destiny 1 the Hawkmoon is returning in Destiny 2.

And for the final goal of 500K it was revealed to be that Cozmo and DMG will need to get another tattoo together. Luke Smith, Destiny 2 Game Director, suggested they get what he calls the Vault of Ass. VoA is where they each get half of the Vault of Glass logo on each other’s butts so when they put their butts together its the Vault of Glass.

If you’d like to pre-order Destiny 2 Beyond Light check it out here!

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