Acadia Raid Primer


This article provides a brief overview of each raid in Destiny 2 and links you to the in-depth article for each raid. Articles are in the process of being written, and as such, this page will be updated as new ones become available.

-Year one-


The original raid of Destiny 2. Here your skills will be tested like never before in various challenges to prove your worthiness to the Cabal Emperor Calus.

Eater of Worlds

The raid added in Curse of Osiris. Called upon by Calus, you are tasked to journey into the depths of the Leviathan to face the Vex Axis Mind Argos, Planetary Core.

Spire of Stars

The raid added in Warmind. Once again summoned by Calus, this time to defend the Leviathan from an assault by the remnants of the red legion led by the new Dominus: Val Ca’uor.

-Year two-

Last Wish

The raid added in Forsaken. After the death of Uldren Sov, it became clear that he was not the one truly behind Cayde-6’s death. In this raid to find the true mastermind, we are tasked by Petra Venj to enter the Keep of Voices in the center of The Dreaming City and slay the taken Ahamkara: Riven of a Thousand Voices.

Scourge of the Past

The raid added in the Black Armory. It is the conclusion of the Black Armory storyline and features a series of climactic encounters against Kell’s Scourge bosses.

Crown of Sorrow

The raid added in the Season of Opulence. Yet again we are called upon by Calus. This time however the stakes are significantly higher. Savathûn, the Witch-Queen, sister of Oryx and the true driving force behind the taken Ahamkara Riven and an ever-looming threat on to the Light of the Traveler gifted a crown to Calus as a sign of respect. However, the crown was cursed to make the wearer completely subservient to Savathûn. Luckily Calus was smart enough to clone himself and have his clone try the crown first, while this did save Calus from his fate it also caused a serious hive infestation in the depths of the Leviathan led by the insane clone of Calus: Gahlran. We are tasked with infiltrating Gahlran’s domain the Kingdom of Sorrow and put an end to the hive threat. 

-Year three-

Garden of Salvation

The raid added in the Season of the Undying. As this raid is new and a lot of the lore and background information would be considered a spoiler, I won’t be adding a description here until two weeks before the next season releases.or each raid. Articles are still being written, so this page will be updated as new ones are published.

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